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Accelerence, LLC, is an executive coaching and innovative leadership development company.
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Benefits of Coaching

How does executive coaching deliver value to the busy executive?

  • Individual coaching allows for immediate, personalized and objective feedback regarding real life situations.  This contrasts with formalized training program in which executives frequently participate.

  • Coaches provide individual assessments of skills and create game plans for improvement.
  • Executive coaching provides a safe environment in which to discuss business issues, organizational problems and leadership challenges.

  • Coaching facilitates critical thinking as the coach acts as a sounding board, providing objective insight and feedback.

  • Coaches constructively challenge executives by asking provocative questions that peers and subordinates would not dare ask!

  • Executive advisors help executives develop the courage to make difficult decisions that are typically deferred and neglected.

Some of the major focus areas where coaching benefits are realized include:

  • Skill development. The coach and the executive may work on developing the executive’s general skills, including boosting strengths and addressing opportunity areas.  For example, the executive may lack empathy with peers and the coach may help him better understand body language.

  • Career development.  The executive may want to explore career options for the future. The coach can help him think through possibilities, choose from options, network effectively and develop skills required for future positions.

  • Organizational change.  When a significant organizational change is faced, the executive may lack the experience to contend with such change.  The coach can work with him to develop his leadership skills in navigating change.

  • Specific problem resolution. Sometimes the executive may not be effective in a current position or specific situation. The coach can work with the leader in in developing one or more management/ leadership competencies, such as communicating vision, team building or delegation. 

  • Executive’s Agenda.  The coach can work with an executive on any personal or organizational concerns that the leader might have in executing his agenda.  This could focus on any issues surrounding the executive, such as change and company downsizing.

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