Accelerence helps executives and leadership teams meet strategic, operational and personnel development goals through coaching directed toward improved individual and team performance.

Our services include:

Leadership Development Workshops


Facilitation for Meetings and Teams.  Accelerence assists organizations in conducting more effective and impactful meetings by facilitating these sessions. Providing this service for organizations ensures that the contributions and creativity of each meeting participant are more fully valued.

What is a facilitator? A facilitator is an impartial meeting leader who is knowledgeable about all of the components that can positively influence the outcome of a meeting. As an impartial moderator, a facilitator provides a global perspective on the meeting process.  This allows for better understanding of one another and the issues, greater participation by attendees, more effective problem solving capabilities, better conflict resolution, greater focus and time management, and more consensus around solutions and forward action.

Why facilitation? Meetings are a microcosm of an organization’s culture. Changing the meeting culture by making it more open, honest, collaborative, creative, and results-oriented will have a positive impact on the culture of the entire organization.

Did you know …

  • Managers will spend over one-half (more for senior managers) of their working life attending, conducting, preparing for, and following up on meetings.
  • Over 25 million meetings take place every day in the United States alone.
  • Almost one-third of all meetings are considered unnecessary by the people who attend them.

Who can benefit from facilitation?  People who attend:

  • Regular staff meetings
  • Task force meetings
  • Board Of Directors meetings
  • Strategic Planning
  • 1:1 Performance evaluations
  • Team building/Quality improvement.

Benefits of Facilitation.  Facilitated meetings produce greater results by fostering an environment which brings out the best of people and their contributions – while remaining focused on the desired corporate outcomes. Meeting participants commonly state the positive impact the facilitator has on forwarding the action while encouraging participation, organizing information and making important decisions.

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