Accelerence helps executives and leadership teams meet strategic, operational and personnel development goals through coaching directed toward improved individual and team performance.

Our services include: Leadership Development Workshops

Group Coaching

Accelerence supports all levels of leadership development, from front-line staff through top management. Group coaching is an action learning process that involves a small group coming together regularly to tackle real issues and work on challenges. Members of the group learn from their collective experience through reflection and action. Successful group coaching is about closing the gap between where people are and where they need to be.

What we do.  Group coaching combines the power of the coaching conversation with the gift of group support to facilitate performance improvement goals. A coaching group includes a coach and a group
of 5 – 8 individuals who engage regularly in conversation to work on their individual and group goals.    

An individual might think of their coaching group like having a personal board of directors. A synergy of energy, commitment, and excitement is created by what the participants bring to the group. One of the many bonuses to group coaching is that the participants raise the standards by challenging each other to create and implement targets/ dreams/ goals.

Group coaching provides its participants with the opportunity to:

  • Think strategically about issues and challenges and develop long-term plans and strategies;
  • Receive confidential and objective feedback;
  • Share ideas with and learn from colleagues;
  • Identify new approaches to achieve their goals and build better relationships.

Group coaching is a wonderful opportunity to receive coaching while benefiting from the successes and challenges of the other group participants.

To be clear, this is not a workshop--it is group coaching.  In a workshop, the instructor determines what information and content is taught. In group coaching, the coach facilitates and coaches, taking cues from the group. The agenda belongs to the group, and participant engagement is key. Peers provide feedback to one another, help brainstorm new possibilities, and set up accountability structures that keep everyone focused and on track. 

How we do it.  Group coaching is typically conducted over the telephone which makes it more available to busy executives working in diverse locations.  The approach includes:

  • A one-off group call that outlines the program and solicits individual input;
  • A monthly group call held with the same participants each month (1 to 1 ½ hours per session);
  • Either a 6-week program that meets weekly or a 12-week program that meets every other week.
  • 5 – 8 participants with a focus on a common leadership development theme. 

At the end of the group coaching cycle, individuals may move on with their personal self-development, engage in another group coaching program or move on to executive coaching to receive individualized attention.

Who We Coach. With our focus on executive coaching, Accelerence looks to support:

  • Middle managers being groomed for succession to more senior roles.
  • High potential individuals whose development needs to be accelerated.
  • High-performing executives whose businesses wish to support them through a particularly challenging time, e.g. restructure, downsizing, culture change.

Benefits of Group Coaching.  Group coaching works because there is consistency and commitment to continuous personal and professional growth.  Mutual respect and trust exist between the coach and the group participants.  Group coaching can have a trickle-down effect as  people learn new skills and  share their insight with colleagues. Both individuals and organizations benefit. 

Group coaching can help employees:

  • Get a broader overview of what makes a business successful
  • Understand their superior's work needs in order to create value and minimize problems
  • Understand the dynamics of motivation
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Become stronger team players
  • Work towards a higher level of achievement
  • Resolve conflict
  • Contribute ideas and volunteer for projects more readily
  • To create an enthusiastic and supportive organizational culture
  • Learn what is required as an ambitious career person
  • Enjoy an improved quality of work life

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