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Accelerence, LLC, is an executive coaching and innovative leadership development company.
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Our Team

I am Kenton Keller, the President and CEO of Accelerence, LLP. 
Accelerence Executive Coaching provides coaching in a business environment for leaders who want to improve their peak performance.   I am deeply passionate about coaching and helping individuals create more productive and fulfilling lives.

I served as a senior partner at a major international consulting company for over 28 years and helped clients through organizational change, enterprise transformation, and strategic planning. I have experience in working across multiple industries, with profit and nonprofits, and with senior executives and Boards.

I have also served as the Chief Operating Officer/ Chief Performance Officer of a major non-profit in Dallas, Texas. Throughout my career I have coached hundreds of clients and staff.  I have been providing formal coaching for the last four years and I am a member of the International Coaching Federation.

I understand how crucial a coaching relationship is and I want to do everything I can to earn your trust before you decide to work with me. In the screening process you will be given the opportunity to have all of your questions answered & to get to know me personally to make sure there is a good fit. 







Contact Accelerence: info@accelerencecoaching.com


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